BOLD, a GRUB-Like multiboot loader, with M35FD support

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Hi everyone !

Maybe you think that assemble an OS each time you want to play with it is boring ? Me too. So I created a new GRUB-Like program. It supports multiboot, with built-in programs but also compatible floppies.
Another member (miyoyo) gave me the idea to name it "BOLD", which means "Basic and Open Loader for the DCPU".

BOLD is still in development, but already have some interesting features :
  • Nice and intuitive GUI
  • 5 built-in programs (or less). Useful if you don't have a M35FD.
  • M35FD's floppies support (only BOLD-Compatible because of the lack of specs about it)
  • Compatible with almost all the OS, programs and CS ! (Excepted if yours needs to use blank RAM and doesn't clear it, will be fixed as soon as possible).

How it works
I won't explain how the GUI works (not interesting for a bootloader ^^'), but here is how the bootloader works :
  1. Copying a loader at offset 0xE000. What it does is copying selected OS at 0x000.
  2. User choices which OS he want to use
  3. If built-in OS, just loading at offset 0.
  4. If floppy, reading first sector, gathering number of sectors occupied by the program and copying to RAM. Then, load it at offset 0.
  5. SP is already 0, so just settings register to 0, and finally set PC to 0.

Here is a screenshot from the menu of BOLD :

Downloads & sources
You can try BOLD here, or see the github.
Posted Jun 28, 13 · OP
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Nice!Once we get more FDD specs it should broaden its capabilities considerably.
Posted Jun 28, 13
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Thanks ! :)
Posted Jun 29, 13 · OP
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