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Dcpu Damage

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*blasts DCPU-16* nothing happend..... gah
Posted Apr 8, 13
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You need gamma rays.
Posted Apr 10, 13
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ColErr wrote:
As a by the way, the port holes on the shuttle are small because they use all that wall space. The 'windshield' is actually fairly big.
A Faraday cage won't help against radiation except for gamma, and it would need to be very tightly woven. Also, a Faraday cage needs to be grounded to function properly...
The only real stresses during landing that you wouldn't get on a normal airliner is heat, and your windows shouldn't be getting that much heat if placed properly.
And as far as the whole 'lead is heavy, but heavy doesn't matter in space' it is easy for most people to confuse weight and mass, and mass makes a huge difference on a spaceship

Yes. You still have to deal with the inertia of the lead (annoying as heck, and hard to deal with in battle).

Even if you didn't have to deal with inertia, good luck taking off/ landing your lead ship on the nearest planet.
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Posted Apr 10, 13
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Zutai x
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well if you are making your ship out of lead, then i think it would be a good idea to have escape pods ready for you to throw your ship at someone. i wish their armor luck on stopping it before it comes out the other side of that tinfoil craft they went into battle with.
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And normality is weird
Posted Apr 10, 13
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