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Degenerate Express
Every other clan is caught up in fighting among each other, so ask yourself, who's going to deliver goods across the galaxy? Who else than the Degenerate Express! With stars burning out and the universe growing darker in this grim age, it is indeed a perilous task, but our expertise and knowledge of our surroundings enables us to safely carry cargo across this hostile void! We are only a new establishment, but we have been watching the feud between bandits and cargo fleets for a long period of time, and have the most technologically-advanced weaponry and defense systems in the universe!

About Us
Here at Degenerate Express, we only have one, simple goal; to deliver goods across the universe at the cheapest rates and the quickest speeds, but in the most secure manner possible. But, how we carry out this goal is what separates us from other cargo fleets. We aim for our crew to comprise of many talented coders, bodyguards, and pilots. With such a skilled array of people, we can fulfill our tasks with relative ease.
Unlike many other fleets that focus on 'order through tyranny', we believe in providing our crew with the best living conditions available. We also strive for order through observation of the law, not through chaos. We will never kill, unless we must. We aren't concerned about a large fleet, like some which have over 500 crew-members. We believe we should have a small-medium crew, (around 50 crew-members), but we think this as we want to be able to trust our crew-members fully. If we were to go around recruiting anybody, the odds are that there would be many a mutiny, as some of them may be spies or bandits, from larger organizations.
We are a neutral company, so we do not participate in wars against oppressive fleets, but if they aggravate us, we will most likely participate in some sort of manner. We will provide our allies, against a common enemy, with weapons, and any goods which they may need.
We intend for our alliances to be permanent, so if you would like to form an alliance between my fleet and yours, then you may contact me.
Please note, that if your transaction goes against the 'freedom of the people', something we believe firmly in, or you wish for something that could be extremely destructive, unless it is for a cause we share, we will not complete it.

Joining the Degenerate Express
If you intend to join us, you must display the ability to work in a team, the ideals of freedom and observation of the law, and mutual respect for all the members, no matter how they are ranked in the hierarchy of our fleet. You must show us that you are trustworthy. If all these terms apply to you, then we will gladly accept you!
We believe that though some of you may not possess skill, or you may seek to belong to a team and feel appreciated, we will do our best to ensure that once you join us, we will teach you a skill which will one day make you a necessary and vital part of Degenerate Express! Be it protecting the ship, creating advanced weaponry or programs and machines that will increase productivity, piloting the ship, commanding the fleets, or providing us with business strategies, and plans to deliver goods under an enemy's nose!
You can register now in this thread! Here are the details you must post:

Name: (Your name)
Age: (Your age)
How long will you be able to dedicate time to us? (Availability)
Do you have Skype or some sort of microphone?
Your 0x10^c name: Any profane or obscene names will guarantee you as a no-no!
Role: (Pilot, Programmer, Bodyguard, Crew, Boarding, Strategist, Board Member, Signature Artist, Forum Designer, Moderator)
Skills you possess
An example of your trustworthiness.
Optional: a forum-code signature for Degenerate Express

Once this is done, and you're accepted, it's just a waiting game! We're looking for a talented artist to give us the forum-code for a signature, so an optional detail you may post is a signature! We will find the best one, and the artist who makes it will be guaranteed to be a member of our fleet. We will continue to operate on this forum, until the time comes when we get too large and have to
make a forum of our own. You can apply to be a Forum Designer, but it may be some time before we are large enough to have one of our own.
Until then, keep checking this thread for updates!
Posted Oct 27, 12 · OP
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This contains good promising idea, hopefully to see more great features on this.
Posted May 19, 17
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This contains good promising idea, hopefully to see more great features on this.
I agree, I like the name of the clan.
Posted May 24, 17
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