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Lilia A
Welcome to the 0x10c Forum.
If you've got any questions regarding these rules, please click here to PM me. I am happy to take some time to answer your questions and concerns.

This community is available for open discussions and feedback for 0x10c and its users. The discussions are monitored and moderated in compliance with the guidelines below. Please be aware all posts are made public. Off-topic, inflammatory, or inappropriate posts will be removed at any 0x10c admin or moderator's discretion. However, 0x10c is not liable for any information posted by its members.

These guidelines can change and evolve at anytime. Please be aware that these are not hard and fast "rules", there may be other guidelines missing below, this does not mean the behavior or action is necessarily acceptable.
In short: Be civil, reasonable, and helpful, exercise common sense and general socially acceptable behavior and we should all get along great!

General Rules and Topics:
1. Low Tolerance
2. No Advertising
3. No Cursing or Swearing
4. No Personal Attacks, Defamation or Slander
5. No Illegal Content
6. No Religious or Political Discussion
7. No Spamming
8. No Moderation Complaints
9. No Flaming
10. Before you post
11. When you post
12. Privacy
13. Linking to outside sites
14. English please
15. Cross-posting
16. Posting about websites
17. Images, Signatures and Avatars
18. Support and Contact
19. Report, don’t respond
20. User names

1. Low Tolerance
To ensure that this is a friendly and efficient community we have instilled a Low Tolerance policy. This means any user who does not follow the guidelines may be warned, post promptly removed or the user may be suspended or banned. We will do our best to make certain the user is informed why he or she has been suspended/banned and potential options for reinstatement. Our goal is to make this community young-person friendly while allowing gamers and business advocates alike to enjoy and participate.

2. Advertising
We do not allow any advertising by any user unless he or she has explicit written consent. Our understanding of advertising is posting links or information via public threads or private messages alluding to services provided privately or commercially.
- You can use your quote or avatar to add your own company name/site name;
- You are free to reply to any direct questions regarding the products and services a business offers (but only if you have experience and first hand knowledge of the product or service); and
- If a user wishes to contact you, or requests you to contact them with their external website, this is acceptable as long as and it's directed in reply towards a specific user and not anonymous.
- You can use the "Your web page" link in your user page to link to your personal site or personal business site;
- There may be a forum setup specially for personal sharing of community websites built on 0x10c.com. Please view the guidelines for that forum.

Advertising in Threads or Posts will be removed without warning.

What is considered "unacceptable" advertising?
- Creating threads or posts that serve only to promote a website or business (whatever that maybe);
- The posting of URLS, prices, names, phone numbers, etc for a business or other community. The emailing or private messaging of unsolicited advertising material to 0x10c users.
- Out bound links must take the user directly to relevant content and may not pass through third party sites first. This means no services like adf.ly.

3. Cursing or Swearing
In our attempts to make this community friendly we must consider the use of language. We definitely understand that "light" cursing will occur and is acceptable. However excessive or unnecessary use, or "bad" language directed towards another user on the forums will not be tolerated. The posts will be removed and the user may be warned, suspended or banned.

4. No Personal attacks, Defamation, libel, or Slander
Defamation is defined as any written words that falsely or negatively reflects a person's, organization or companies reputation or character. This includes issues of slander and accusations as well. All of which are not acceptable here. If you disagree with someone or something, please do not resort to personal attacks, but rather argue the merits of their points or work it out via private messaging.

Respect your fellow members. Please refrain from making inflammatory and incendiary comments. Flaming, taunting, and overall disrespect is frowned upon. Simply putting down an opinion given by others is wrong. If you don’t agree with what they’re saying, state your reason why (but do so respectfully). Do not make uninvited remarks regarding typos or duplicate posts.

5. No Illegal Content
Illegal content can be described as warez, nudity, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. We attempt to respect all private and public works and therefore do not allow any distribution of illegal content both directly or indirectly (posting links that lead to outside sources where any illegal content can be accessed). Please note, unauthorized leaks of any titles also fall under this category and will be treated as such. This also includes information illegally obtained.

6. No Religious or Political Discussions
We are a melting pot community. We must respect religious choices of everyone regardless of what any one user believes is ultimately correct. Therefore we do not allow any religious or political discussions or endorsements of religious or political topics.

7. No Spamming
We define spamming as massive or unnecessary amount of posts of the same or relating to the same topic or link. Spam, off topic, unnecessary or grammatically illegible, indecipherable posts will be removed without warning.

8. No Moderation Complaints
If someone you know has been suspended or banned and has asked you to post on their behalf .. DON'T! They have the right to contact our support department to request more information for their suspension/ban. However if you post on their behalf you may face suspension or a ban as well. The administrative team has the final say on anything. If you have an issue and would like to make an appeal, you may make a complaint to them directly and not publicly in the 0x10c community. Creating threads or posts that question or reference decisions made by the administration team (like post removals or thread closures) is not allowed. We’re not perfect and if you feel that we have made an error, privately contact a member of the administration team and we will review the situation.

9. No Flaming
Flaming is an excessive version of defamation or slander. It defines that a user is hostile and insulting another user. We do not condone any type of flaming. Please be aware that if you participate you are considered facilitating the flame war and may risk being suspended or banned.

10. Before You Post
- To keep the community as efficient and effective as possible please search your request before posting a new thread.
- Attempt to respond to other topics rather then post a new thread if the topics are similar.

Users with duplicate requests of the same nature will be directed to similar threads created previously.

11. When You Post

- Do not simulate "YELLING" by using all caps or all Large font.
- Find the correct category for your post.
- Make sure that your post is readable.
- Use subject headers which relate to your thread.
- Be as descriptive as possible with your problem or inquiry you are posting in reference to.
- When posting, please consider what you are adding to the conversation and try to avoid 1 or 2 word responses.
- Make sure your post is respectful to all members of this community.
- Stay on topic and make sure your post is relevant
- Avoid hi-jacking threads for your own benefit

12. Privacy
Do not post personal, real-life information such as home addresses and home phone numbers. Do not insist or demand or harass other users for personal information.

13. Linking to outside sites
When linking to outside sites, please ensure that the content of the link is appropriate for our community, in line with the guidelines laid out. This applies to site that you mention even if the site name itself isn’t linked.

14. English please
This is an English-speaking community. We require that posted content be in the English language so that it can be both well received and properly monitored.

15. Cross-posting
Cross-posting is not allowed and will result in the removal of one or more posts. Cross-posting is defined as posting the same information in two or more locations. When posting your topic, please try to post it in the most appropriate place within the structure of our community. Identical topics in the same or different forums may be removed without warning.

16. Posting About Websites
If you want to post about your website or forum, it may be best to consult the forum admins about it as it may be violating one of our rules. Please limit advertising posts to the appropriate sub forums.

17. Images, Signatures and Avatars
We hope all users create their own fun and unique signatures and avatar to represent themselves. However, keep images to a maximum of 500px wide. Your overall signature should not exceed 8 lines (vertically) Your avatar must be within good taste. Any illegal content within the signature or avatar will result in a either a warning, suspension or banning of your account. Users should not impersonate or pretend to be part of the 0x10c staff or use a moderator or admins signature, display name or avatar.

18. Disclaimer
0x10c Forum is not liable for any content made available directly or indirectly through the 0x10c community forum boards. If any person or persons feels the content is inappropriate we ask that they contact us immediately to assist in resolving any issues. If the content is deemed inappropriate it will be removed immediately. 0x10c will respect all user information but will provide any necessary information about a user and the users history at a legal authorities request. In any other case 0x10c will collect information for internal and external marketing use.

19. Report, don’t respond
In this community, you may occasionally encounter forum posts that violate our guidelines. Please use the Report Post function located at the bottom of every individual post. Explain the reasoning behind your report and then simply allow us to do our jobs. Causing a posting violation in response to another posting violation doesn’t help your cause and the administration team may need to enforce disciplinary action on you as well.

20. User names
Please use common sense when deciding on a user name. Avoid names that are trademarked by any business (including your own). Avoid any names with curses, swears, or generally offensive language (and this includes phrases in languages other than English). Do not use names that inspire hate or prejudices towards specific groups (such as racial, ethnic, national, religious, political, and handicapped descriptions). Do not use names that have religious or political references. Do not use names that impersonate staff members. Do not use names impersonating public figures or celebrities.

Freedom-of-speech rights do not extend to privately owned websites, such as the 0x10c community. The guidelines outline the behavior and activities allowed.

Should a user violate our guidelines and show disregard for them, our administration team, and our community, they run the risk of losing their account. We reserve the right to deactivate any account and to edit or remove any content without warning. These guidelines are subject to change at anytime without notice.

If you have a question about our guidelines, if you have a suggestion, wish to offer feedback, or are experiencing problems with the site, you may contact any member of the 0x10c administration team and we will help you in any way we can.

Thank you for visiting the 0x10c Community!

0x10c Administration.
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0x10c Forum Official Naming Policy
Your name is the first and most frequent thing that other users will see when you interact with the community. Because of this, we ask that you follow some guidelines when coming up with your user name.

We're not trying to be too rigid with these guidelines. They're there to ensure that the community is safe and enjoyable for everyone. In the interest of this goal, they are subject to change at any time, with or without notice.

Depending on the severity of the violation, failure to heed these rules can result in a warning and name change, ban, or IP ban for particularly egregious violations. These can and will occur without warning.

Naming Guidelines:

1. No Advertisements / Trademarks / Copyrights
2. No Curses or Swears
3. No Slurs / Insults
4. No Religious / Political References
5. No Impersonating Staff
6. No Impersonating Public Figures

1. Advertisements, Trademarks, and Copyrights
Avoid names that are trademarked by any business (Including your own). If you want to advertise for your site or business, you can do so in your profile quote.

2. Curses and Swears
Use your judgment, here. Avoid any names with curses, swears, and generally offensive language in them. This includes phrases that are offensive in languages other than English.

3. Slurs and Insults
We have a low to zero tolerance for any names or words that inspire hate and prejudice towards any group, including (but not limited to) those of racial, ethnic, national, religious, political, and handicapped descriptions. If you aren't sure your name is in violation of this guideline, then don't use it!

4. Religious and Political References
Our forum is a diverse group from many different background. A lot of them having differing opinions on the topics of religion and politics. It is best to avoid any names that bring up these topics in general. If you'd like to show pride in your beliefs, then do so in your profile quote.

5. Impersonating Staff
Our forum prides itself on the ability to quickly communicate to the users without confusion. Any names that make this more difficult, including those that are similar to the names of moderators, administrators, and staff will be considered in violation of the naming policy.

6. Impersonating Public Figures
In short, don't pick a name that will lead to people confusing you for a celebrity or public figure if you are not them. If you'd like to pay homage to a public figure you like, do so in your profile quote.
Feel free to message me with questions, comments, and concerns!
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0x10c Forum shoutbox rules
The shoutbox is intended to function as a tool for users to quickly communicate important news to one another. It functions as a hybrid between a dynamic forum thread and a chat room, but it is neither. The shoutbox can be viewed on the right side of the forums, at the home page.

In addition to the rules that apply to the rest of the forum, there are certain specific rules that need to be followed when using the shoutbox.

1) No cursing or swearing at all. The shoutbox is publicly viewed at a glance on our homepage, so we cannot tolerate even light swearing. We aren't stringently defining what counts as a curse or swear - use your judgment here, or a moderator will use theirs.

2) No external links in the shoutbox. Links to 0x10cforum.com are okay, but refrain from spamming. Other exceptions are noted below:
- Well known, reputable websites (Wikipedia, youtube )
- Official 0x10c links (0x10c.com / 0x10c official Facebook page )
Feel free to message me with questions, comments, and concerns!
Posted Jan 2, 13
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